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To our Troops Past and Present Thanks for Giving Your All.  With out Your Sacrifice we would not have our Own Freedom, Today.
Is it time for us to tell every one" Work it out your selves.?"  It takes each of us working to gather to keep freedom for all.  We could end up with a leader like "Gaddafi" or others like him.  Watch ort for blowing smoke.  Just saying what you want to hear and losing your Rights in place of it.  Take care of your Freedom You will want it one Day Soon.    
    I was in the Spokane VA the other day,  Now these are the ones that Help out our Vets when they get home, and need Special care to be part of the community again.
    I found out that they are cutting there wages, and many other benefits "retirement" and many others.
  We need these Doctors and Staff to keep at there best to take care of our Wounded Vets.
  Be sure to tell them Thanks for Taking care of Our Vets.  It means a lot to them to here it from us.
Michael Brittain Veteran US Air force.  Aug 16 1960  - Aug 16 1065  .


This shows how a Community can come together With the love and the Faith in God, From all the Love, Donations and Prayer of the Whole Community, to show our love for each other,  under any adversity

By Mike Brittain

From our home to yours, and may God Bless you, and may You prosper in the coming year.
 "Tell Veterans old and young
Thank You for Serving."




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